Grays Harbor County CERT


Be sure to check out the tab above that says "upcoming events" for a full list of all pending events that are in addition to the flyers listed below.

2019 training events: 
(NOTE: We WILL NOT take sign ups for classes until the addresses for our classes are confirmed)
CERT Basic Classes:
     Jan Oakville area  24,25,26
     Feb Tahola area 21,22,23
     Apr Ocean Shores 18,19,20 
     Jun Central area 20,21,22 (see flyer below for details)
     Sep East County 26,27,28 ( see flyer below for details )
     Nov South County 21, 22, 23 (see flyer below for details)

Extra Modules for current members:
   8/24 First Aid for Animals (see flyer below for details)
   10/26 Moulage training Details see flyer below