Grays Harbor AVERT 

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If you wish to sign up to become trained please click on the tab at the top called "training courses" to view class listings and how to register. If a class isnt listed please send an email to the program manager/admin staff and they will put you on our mail list. You will then be notified when a new class is added. 

The Program Manager and our Team Leader listed below.

Grays Harbor County Program Manager and admin staff:

Program Manager-Team Leader Coordinator:

Education Director:

Team Leader Ocean Shores Auxiliary:
Website address:

Team Leader North Beach Auxiliary:

Team Leader central area (Aberdeen/Hoquiam/Cosi):
contact the Program Manager for this team inquires

Team Leader South County(Westport area):
contact the Program Manager for this team inquires

Team Leader East County area auxiliary (Elma area):

UPDATE: March 26, 2023

Welcome to the non-profit page for Grays Harbor Auxiliary Emergency Response Team! We are citizen volunteers who are CERT trained and work with local fire and police departments throughout Grays Harbor County. We DO NOT work directly with the county emergency managers office. We are sponsored by the local departments that we work with as auxiliary volunteer groups. We are also recognized by the State CERT Coordinator. If you are a department within Grays Harbor County and you would like to start an auxiliary of citizen volunteers as well, feel free to reach out to the official Program Manager at for more information.


December 17 2022

Re: Public release announcement:

I am sorry to announce that the Grays Harbor County Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) has voted to  will no longer be affiliated with the Grays Harbor County Department of Emergency Management. Though the county DEM has been a sponsor of CERT, the board feels we ae no longer able or willing to work with the current Emergency Manager/Deputy Director. We are currently looking for other sponsors who would like trained volunteers in an auxiliary such as city emergency managers, fire departments and police departments. It would be a great asset to departments to have volunteer auxiliaries and continue to have a pool of helping hands.